Assimilation vs. Immigration

The number of illegal immigrants in the United States has grown to 12 million. As you walk through the hallways of Wylie High and see all the different type of ethnic groups, have you ever wondered how their families came to this country, or where their immigration status stands?

The United States has always had illegal immigrants, but not until recent times that it has caused such a commotion. The numbers of illegal aliens increased from 1994 to 2001,reaching its peak to 12 million. Since the attack of 9/11 the numbers have decreased, due mostly to the fact of increased security. Another reason the numbers have dropped is due to deportations, which has become a big deal. Random deportations have separated families with U.S citizen children; making it even more controversial.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about why people immigrate is “The American Dream.” The ideal that no matter who you are or no matter where you come from you will be able to make something of yourself. The people from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Philippines, India, and other countries not only come to the United States for the economic factor, these people come for security, to secure their loved ones, and to live freely. For example, many parts of Mexico are facing a lot of massacres and killings in the streets. What kind of person would like to live in that, not only for themselves but for their families? This country provides many opportunities such as, educational and economical upgrades. Good public education, scholarship opportunities, the privilege of learning another language is a few of the reasons people come here. Illegal immigrant parents, at this point only had hope for their children, since Obama failed to get the legalization bill passed in 2008. But their hope quickly faded when The Dream Act was turned down on September 21, 2010.

On the other side, having illegal aliens in the country isn’t such a good idea. Number one reason; crime. Let’s face it, not every person that immigrates to the United States has good intentions. When someone comes to the United States for a better life, sometimes they bring their bad ways. It’s not fair to the country. Wouldn’t it seem logical for a person that is illegal to try to follow laws, and try to fit in? Such as simply payingtaxes. Most immigrants see being in the United States as a privilege, they try to learn English, obey laws, contribute to the economy. Just know that not all of them.

Think about it, immigration is becoming a bigger deal everyday. Take a look again as you walk through Wylie High. How much does it really effect your life? You make the decision.