Not Your Average Senior

Mason ScharaAn average high school senior typically goes to school, is a member of one or two clubs or organizations and has a part-time job to tend to. Mason Schara is not your average senior. Between being a member of more than five clubs, filling out college and scholarship applications and spending time with family and friends, Schara has no time to waste.

For the 2010-2011 school year, Schara was not only elected student body president and was given the position of editor-in-chief of Wylie High School’s own yearbook staff, but is also the editor of WHS’ “The Pegleg” news magazine and a member of BPA, green club, mock trial, Spanish club, and is a SLAM captain. Whether speaking to fellow members at a student council meeting or changing the layout of a much-awaited yearbook, Schara has to prioritize activities and delegate his time wisely, hoping to get some “shut eye” around a regular bedtime of 2 a.m.

“I never get to bed at a decent time, it’s ridiculous. I’m always on the go doing something school-related,” Schara said.

Despite spending every second of his time up at Wylie High, Schara loves watching movies like Easy A, shopping at American Eagle, and being a photographer.

“Photography is my passion; it’s what I love doing and to be honest, it’s partially the reason that I’m in yearbook,” Schara said.

Schara has dreams other than publishing the yearbook and running canned food drives for student council as well. In the fall of 2011, Schara will be roaming the halls of the University of Missouri, Mizzou for short, sporting his “tiger stripes” and majoring in journalism and advertising design.

Post-grad, Schara “dreams of being an advertiser and eventually becoming the CEO of [his] own advertising firm.”

During his four years at Wylie High, Schara has had many accomplishments, two of his greatest being voted for student body president and also crowned Homecoming Prince junior and senior year.

“Even though I wasn’t an officer in student council for long, I knew that I would dedicate my time and effort and be friendly and courteous to other members as well and to be voted for such a position, that is honestly my greatest achievement in Wylie and in high school as well,” Schara said.

Photo Credit to Mason Schara