What Moves You into Motion Gaming?

Five years ago, Nintendo came out with a revolutionary concept-motion gaming. With the Wii, players went from just pressing buttons on a controller, to swinging a sword, throwing a bowling ball, and tossing punches while boxing. The concept to get gamers moving has evolved in the last year even more. With Sony revealing of the “Move” for the PS3 and Microsoft’s development of the Kinect system, motion plays a big part of games now. Which of these three systems is the right one for you? Let’s take a closer look at these systems.

The first system to use extensive gaming through motion was the Wii. The Wii Remote has three-axis motion detection and a gyroscope for picking up rotational movement. The semi-new Wii motion plus adds three more axis motion detectors for more precise movement. So far, the Wii has no video element, unlike the other two systems. It requires two AA batteries to keep it running, though Nintendo sells rechargeable battery packs to solve that problem. Price-wise the Wii, being the first out and already five years old, obviously sells the cheapest. If you would like a system that allows you to stand or sit, while still utilizing the motion capability then the Wii is definitely for you.

The Move for the Playstation 3 is an evolution of the Wii. The controller is very similar to the Wii Remote, but possesses a few distinct features of its own. It has the familiar Playstation buttons as well as a new “move” button. On the end is a brightly colored ball that the “eye” on the PS3 reads. Since the Move system knows the exact dimensions of the orb, it enhances the tracking feature of it- something Nintendo is still working on for the Wii. It allows for more precise movements than that of the Wii motion plus and most of the games out for the system allow you to sit.

The Kinect system for the Xbox is the epitomy of, “Look mom, no hands.” The system features a new kind of controller. The Kinect is completely controlled by you. Your motions determine what happens on screen. The camera on the system has three different cameras, on one bar, that able to track multiple skeletal points on the human body down to even the most minuscule movement. This means that if you move even your finger, it will know. The Kinect also implements a voice feature, allowing voice control of the system as well as video chat. Unlike the Move for the PS3, which can be used with any kind of Playstation 3, the Kinect’s camera will have to be plugged into a wall socket as well as the Xbox if you don’t own a slim version of the system. The games for the Kinect, so far, have been very casual and family oriented- unlike the Wii, and very different from the Move.

These three systems battle for dominance over the motion world of gaming. Which one will appeal to you?