Snowpocalypse Attacks

When Wylie ISD called my house telling me that their campuses are closed due to “inclement weather”, they didn’t have to tell me twice about not going. What better way to spend a coveted snow day than to play outside in the rare, fluffy snowfall, curl up by a fire watching all the reality shows I missed because of after-school activities, and drink a hot cup of Swiss Miss with halfway-melted, tiny marshmallows. The next day rolls around, another call. Yay, one more day to do all of the homework and the two major grade assignments that I put off hoping that we had another snow day! Yet another day rolls around and another call follows. Okay Mother Nature, I’d like to go back to school now. Friday, I’m not in love with the snow-pocalypse that has taken over Wylie. I have officially gone insane with cabin fever.

Monday rolls around, everyone has finally returned to school from the rather exhausting week stuck in their houses, some with frozen pipes and no running water and some with almost bare cupboards. Rumors filled the air about how we would so graciously come across making up for the past week. Skip Tuesday, and now we’re on to Wednesday- another snow day. There is no possible way to make up all of these snow days we’ve had or is there?

According to Wylie ISD, we’ll only to have to make up two days; April 22 (Good Friday) and May 30 (Memorial Day). So, we will not have to extend our classes past June 4th (Hallelujah!), we will not have twenty minutes added onto every school day, and we will not have to risk our Spring Break.

Snow is amazing, but making up days is dreadful.

Photo Credit to Sierra Williams