Hina vs. Kirstyn: A Winter Wonderland Conversation


Kirstyn: Um…Hina, have you ever been to one?

Hina: ….No.

Kirstyn: Then how do you know they are stupid?

Hina: Well my friends say they are.

Kirstyn: Do they go to the dances?

Hina: No

Kirstyn: Then how do they know?

Hina: Dances are stupid. It’s a known fact.

Kirstyn: How could they possibly know? They’ve never been to one. They’ve never seen the hard work that goes into it or all the fun the people have that are there-because they weren’t there.

Hina: They are a waste of time. What’s the point of going?

Kirstyn: The point is to have fun and to hang out with friends, which is just what students do anyway. There will be a DJ playing music that I’m sure you like, especially the Winter Wonderland dance this year. Student Council has ensured the music will be enjoyable.

Hina: Why would you want to hang out with your friends at school when you can do that afterschool as well, and plus if you want to listen to music you like then just listen to your iPod; that’s why they were invented. There’s bound to be a song at the dance that not EVERYONE will like.

Kirstyn: Who wants to stay at their house and listen to their iPods when they can go be with other people who like the same type of music and are having fun? I’m pretty sure people will choose going to a dance over staying at their house BY THEMSELVES and listening to their iPods any day.

Hina: Who said anything about staying at home and listening to your iPod? That’s the glory of the iPod; it’s portable and you can always hang out with your friends at the mall and many other places and listen to your iPod. It’s the skill of multi-tasking!

Kirstyn: So, um, you’re going to go hang out with your friends and while doing so you are going to have your iPod in your ears? What kind of fun is that? Just go to the dance and have fun. The Student Council has spent countless hours decorating, there is FREE FOOD (who doesn’t like that), Superlatives will be announced (so Superlative nominees you best be there), and the yearbook staff will be around to take pictures (want your picture in the yearbook? Of course you do!) What else could you possibly need? The Winter Wonderland will be epic.

Hina: Hmm… I don’t know. I guess I could try and go to the dance and get my friends to go too. It sounds like it’ll be fun.

Kirstyn: It will be fun! It will be the best night of your life

Photo Credit to Mason Schara