Problems with the Transition from Gas to Electric Cars

With the transition of gas to electric cars coming into effect, it’s no doubt that we’re on a better route to helping our environment. However, the problem that people are facing is that electric cars are more expensive than cars that run on gas. This is because of the high cost of the lithium ion batteries that are placed within the vehicle. The success of the electric car is an unbalanced promise.

These types of cars are meant to help people save money on gas, but it gets tough when someone tries to launch a new industry based on a new product that could change the ways of the world’s main form of transportation. The biggest problem here is the costs of these vehicles. The technology that is put into the vehicles is highly priced, because their function is very important for this car to function properly. The batteries are designed to hold large amounts of charge, and as you could guess these are expensive to make as well. The question that consumers are asking, is if it is as convenient as a gas vehicle?

The price of an electric car can far surpass the price of a vehicle run on gas, along with having a few set backs. The mileage on the car is limited to the charge of its lithium ion batter, in which a full charge can take up to around 8 hours. People mostly worry about how far they can travel in electric cars before their battery runs out, but that’s why the car was given a small gasoline tank, just in case that unfortunate event happens while on the road. The gasoline car can just be filled up at a gas station when running low, which leaves car buyers to think it is the more convenient choice.

Not everyone is sold on the idea that electric cars are going to help much in their life, but if the cost where to go down their minds might be changed. The electric car may have its flaws, but it does do its part in helping the environment. I would probably just allow this car to stick to driving me from school to back home or work, instead of planning any major road trips with it.

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