Paper Comes To Life

I just finished Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, not because I longed to read it ever since I glanced at a cute hipster boy reading it through his chrome Rayban aviators, but was rather forced by the teachers of the AP Literature Department. Now, I have to say that the novella wasn’t all that bad. Throughout the sleepless Sunday nights, I would stay up reading this 80-some-odd-page devil to complete a major grade reading log and I found this book to, ironically, relate to my own life and the problems I endure while at Wylie High School.

Okay, if you’re not a Senior yet or if you haven’t read the novella, you most likely aren’t familiar with Heart of Darkness. Well Heart of Darkness is a story of a man, Charles Marlow, who undergoes an ivory expedition along the Congo River. While on his journey, Marlow hears of a man named Kurtz, who has quite the reputation of being an ivory-addicted fiend. At the end of his journey, Marlow finally meets Kurtz and their two-day encounter impacted Marlow’s life indefinitely.

I think it’s funny how well this book relates to my life. I’ve met countless “Kurtzes” in my life and although some have not really changed my life with an incredible force, some actually have. Some of these people have such a reputation like Kurtz, while some do not. Yet, this book relates to my life in a way that words cannot describe.

In high school, you’re bound to meet someone and then soon forget about them. Yet, because of this encounter that you’ve endured, it could honestly change your life.

Phot Credit to Sierra Williams