Couples, Ruffles, and the Cupid Shuffle

Girls, it’s that time of year again. It’s prom time.

With Wylie High’s prom, scheduled May 14th, only a month away, WHS students are in a rush to get everything together in time for the big night- tuxedos, boutonnieres, corsages, limo rentals, and most importantly, the dresses.

However, have no fear, girls. With these simple rules to follow, anyone can find a suitable and beautiful dress just in time for prom.

For the ladies that “tower the crowd”, try a short dress with plenty of detail and ruffles. Stay away from long, thin and shapeless dresses, especially ones with trains.

If you’re curvaceous, attempt a simple, knee-length dress with dark swatches and a halter neckline. Avoid heavy patterns and prints with a lot of ruches and flounces.

Petite girls should try a shorter style dress that hugs your silhouette. Loose skirts will overpower you and make you appear to be even smaller.

If you’re not a petite lady, but you’re a relative beanpole, find a dress with a lot of details.

Patterns and ruching at the hip will flatter you’re specific frame as well. To achieve that hourglass frame, stay away from very clingy and figure hugging dresses.

Top heavy girls, don’t fret. If you try a dress with wide set straps and a tight bodice, you’ll easily achieve that hourglass figure. Just avoid loose bodices without proper support.

Follow these simple rules and I promise that you’ll be prepared for prom in just a short time.

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