Insidious: a Good Title for a Not So Good Movie

Insidious is the new film from the makers of the Paranormal Activity movies and the Saw trilogy.

The story takes place in a nondescript town in which a family moves in. Soon after, the son (played by Ty Simpkins) is injured, and while in the hospital, slips into a coma. However, the parents (Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson) soon learn that something isn’t quite right at home after the accident, and the family goes on a quest to find the source of the evil spritual presence now living in their house.

The look of the film is dark, like that of the Ring and the Grudge, and the plot borrows heavily from the exocism-style films and Silent Hill. The trailer promises some unique twists and turns, but the story falls apart and the supporting actors give weak and unconnvincing performances.

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