Louder than Words

Every year around April 15th you see many students walking around the halls with duct tape covering their mouths, taking a vow of silence. The Day of Silence began in 1996 and since then it has become the largest student-run organization and protest for anti-bullying. The event was started by the LGBT to raise awareness of bullying and the large amount of suicides resulting because of it.

The Day of Silence was brought to the city of Wylie about 5 years ago, and since then has gained a rising amount of support every year.

“Last year we had about 25-30 people participate, but this year the number has increased to an estimate about of 60 to even a 100 people,” says one of Wylie’s Day of Silence organizers, sophomore Jacoby Boyer, “But worldwide thousands of people participate in it.”

The Day of Silence is associated with not only silence. Some people wear duct tape over their mouths while others hold up signs that say things such as “Free Hugs” and other sayings. Their silence symbolizes the kids who never got to speak and were bullied because of their sexual orientation, race, or even religion.

“Why should we speak when they weren’t given a chance,” says junior Brian Meares.

Photo Courtesy of Hina Macadam