Student Council Renewed and Revamped

In the past, Student Council wasn’t very well known around the school, and when it was talked about the conversation consisted of trials and failures. This year has changed all of that. Now Student Council is on our radar, for good reasons.

“In the past Student council wasn’t very involved with the student body and now we hold a presence in the school,” Sally Schmidt, Sophomore Vice-President said.

The plans for a better Student Council started last year with new sponsors, Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Hiddink.

“Student Council needed a sponsor that had energy and the club had the potential to be very successful,” Mrs.Harrington, Student Council sponsor said. “I decided it was time to give back and being a Student Council sponsor was good place to do that.”

This year Student Council had an officer lock-in over the summer, helped teachers set up their classrooms and cooked them breakfast with the ROTC, hosted a homecoming tailgate party, had their annual tree lighting, and in February they had a very successful Winter Formal.

“We got a ton of complaints about not having a homecoming dance, so we decided to pair the superlatives with a Winter Formal and had an amazing turn-out,” Mason Schara, Student Body President said. “We hoped to sell 150 tickets tops, but we ended up selling over 400.”

Over the next couple of months, Student Council is planning a senior breakfast, will be having a Relay for Life team and will be participating in Teacher Appreciation Week as well as running elections for next year.

“We’ve done a lot!” Mia Maric, Student Body Vice-President said, “We are doing a lot more to get the school and the students involved and get Student Council recognized.”

The last fundraiser of the year for Student Council will be a powder-puff football game that incorporates the student body.

“Every year Student Council hosts a sport activity at the end of the year where they tell the student body the officers for the next year and this year we are hoping to have a powder puff football game with the junior and senior girls,” Schara said. “We want to go all out and have guys be the cheerleaders, the drill team, and the color guard. We want to have the band perform a couple songs and have the whole thing in the football stadium. This is our last fundraiser and we want to leave the Student Council with more money than we’ve had in the past.”

As the year comes to a close, Amie Faal, Junior Class President, hopes for an even better Student Council next year.

“I hope that Student Council becomes even bigger,” Faal said. “I hope we stay just like this but more. I want more people to join, but for the club to stay dedicated with dedicated members.”

Photo Credit to Teri Harrington