The ‘Dirty Work’ Tour

Alternative bands All Time Low, Yellowcard, Hey Monday, and The Summer Set came to Dallas on April 8th; iPatcher, junior, Zoie Shepard had the opportunity to be there.

“Walking into the building as the atmosphere surrounded me, I felt the excitement run through my veins. The crowd started to cheer when The Summer Set opened the show,” Shepard says.

She took her best friend Dane Bressert with her.

“I was super pumped to see Yellowcard, they’ve been my favorite band since I was a kid,” Bressert said.

During the concert they made their way closer and closer the stage between each set to see All Time Low and Yellowcard play up close. Yellowcard ended the show with their most known song, ‘Ocean Avenue’, and All Time Low performed their newest song ‘Time Bomb’, which will be on their new album, Dirty Work, set to be released on June 7th of this year.

“In between sets of Yellowcard and All Time Low we ran out to meet Yellowcard they were really cool and hung out with us,” Shepard said. “My favorite member, Sean Mackin, was definitely the coolest, and actually talked to us and even asked for our input on the show.

The security of The Palladium was extremely tight making it difficult to bring in a camera, but the manager allowed Shepard to take hers in. “Go Moxie” provided the tickets for this concert and also for Shepard to see Rihanna in June, along with other opportunities to review top artists like Katy Perry as well.

“Overall the concert was exciting and well organized, big shout out to “Go Moxie” for giving iPatch opportunities like this,” Shepard and Bressert both said.

Photo Courtesy Zoie Shepard