Student Council and National Honor Society participate in Relay For Life

On April 29th and April 30th, National Honor Society and Student Council both attended Relay for Life last month. Student Council formed a team and walked the track for 10 hours, while National Honor Society volunteered their services at the event.

“Relay for Life is the perfect opportunity to serve the community, represent Wylie High School, and impact others positively,” Senior NHS member, Marina Dewberry said.

The Student Council team included Thalia Gonzales, Victoria Nguyen, Sally Schmitt, Mackenzie Darby, Bethany White, Karla Ugarte, Naly Wongbar, Mason Schara, Amie Faal, Jenna Boehm, Yeamie Smartt-Nalli, Kirstyn Goodman, Garrett Pierce, as well as adult sponsors. All of the National Honor Society members contributed their time in various shifts from 4 pm to 8 am. The event was packed of tons of teams and volunteers. Every year the event has a theme and this year’s theme was “The Amazing Race.” Different teams featured different parts of the world; Student Council featured The North Pole. Team Members Mason Schara, Jenneen Elkhalid, Thalia Gonzales and Amie Faal sported Elf hats and shoes in support of their themes.

“I love Relay for Life because we are walking for a good cause,” Faal said. “Plus, people get interesting around 3 am.”

Relay for Life organizers held various activities like a walk of silence, a survivor’s lap, and many other activities to keep teams engage in the program and remember the true purpose of the walk.

“The walk of silence was a really emotional experience for me because a couple of my family members are cancer patients,” Smartt-Nalli said. “It was a great time for me to focus my thoughts on them.”

Student Council members as well as National Honor Society members braved the cold wind chill in the early morning hours and overall had a wonderful time walking for a great cause.

“Working shoulder to shoulder with not only our NHS members, but members of Wylie High School in honor of cancer victims and their families is a great way to come together for an amazing cause,” Schara said.