2010-2011 Newspaper Staff Thanks You

This year has been a year full of changes for The Pegleg Staff and The Pegleg in general. While only one full paper was distributed this year, its quality and design is very different to years in the past. Straying away from typical “newspaper” designs, the staff, lead by advisor Jennifer Ashley, produced a modern “news-magazine” chalk full of pictures, graphics and in-depth stories. Rivaling previous years, this 24 page, full color, picture filled paper sold quicker than any in the past.
After first semesters record selling magazine, the staffers pushed for an even more modern take on the classic paper; an online paper. Thepegleg.net is Wylie High Schools first and only online student run newspaper, receiving rave reviews and high numbers of daily visitors.
After all the hardwork, the staff and Mrs.Ashley would like to thank Mr.Brown for helping us integrate the online paper into the community. We would also like to thank all those readers and supporters in the community for helping make this year one of the best so far.
Don’t forget to continue to read and learn from our writers in the years to come.

photo credit to Mason Schara