Buchta Sings Through her First Lead

Junior, Katelyn Buchta, takes her first lead as Sarah Brown in the theatre production of the musical, Guys and Dolls.
“Musicals are definitely my favorite because I get to bring my two favorite things together: singing and acting,” Buchta says.
Buchta has been acting ever since she went to a competition in Hollywood and was told that she had true talent, loves every single part of it. From improv to rehearsals to tech theatre she is involved in it all.
“I basically love the idea of acting out someone’s life other than your own,” Buchta says, “Living in someone’s skin and just pretending to be someone you’re not.”
Most actors have odd rituals or superstitions before performing on stage, and as most actors go, Buchta has to eat a banana the morning of opening night and pray, arms linked right over left, in a circle with the cast to St. Genisius, the patron Saint of theatre, and then spin out of the circle before the start of the first performance.
Buchta says, “It’s basically how I conquer my stage fright and soon all that nervousness turns into energy, to perform and be the best I can be.”
Guys and Dolls, debuted on Thursday February 2 and continued through Saturday February 4.
Photo Courtesy of Hannah Bell