“Draw Something” Takes the Spotlight

Like many other apps in the iTunes store, “Draw Something” has become the new craze for all Apple product users. The game features an interactive drawing pallete which requires you to create a drawing that corresponds with a chosen word. In turn, your friends are required to assemble the same word using only the created drawing as a hint. The app is also featured in the Android Market, now earning its place as one of the highest grossing apps. Other apps such as “Angry Birds”, “Temple Run”, and the long standing online scrabble game, “Words with Friends”, have faded after the peak of the same craze. The only question that remains is, how long until another app comes and takes the spotlight?

Photo courtesy of: http://sharing.abcactionnews.com/sharewews//photo/2012/03/12/Draw-Something-2_20120312113021_320_240.JPG