See You at the Pole is Truly Open to All

I attended the fellowship opportunity casually known as “See You at the Pole” on September 26th. I had heard it was a chance for all students to ‘gather in unity’ to pray for anything and everything including our school. Junior Demarviyon Stewart, explained to me that this program is “to pray and to worship our God and thank him for our life every day.”

Being a Muslim, I was hesitant about attending, and slightly nervous about being unwelcome. However, the first thing I noticed was the group of students singing praise and worship style songs. They were friendly and normal and even offered me a donut. I was encouraged to stay and talk about anything I wanted to. I did feel slightly awk

ward when students began praying, but the 100+ people there were all friendly and they all came for the same reason. I said my own silent prayer. Verses were read from the Bible, and then they started talking about issues about our country and school. I could relate to how they felt, and I agreed with a lot of things being said. It was nice to not focus on our differences (especially religious), and instead, rally behind what brings us together.

Junior Lauren Brassfield, one of the organizers for ‘See You at the Pole’ said, “It felt really empowering to see everybody come out and to see how God was making a statement at Wylie High School.” She shared with me that we are all welcome to express our religious beliefs, and that in the end, what brings us together is being courageous enough to stand behind our convictions and to stand up for helping our school and community become better.