Crosstown Showdown: Why the Pirates Can Upset the Raiders

Is Wylie on the right track entering the crosstown showdown?

The Pirate football team is winless. They have lost two overtime games and two others. They have suffered massive injuries which exposed the Pirates to a blowout loss caused by Lovejoy. Fan attendance is decreasing, and frustration is starting to show on the senior members.

No, this is not what Wylie was hoping for this season. After a disappointing 4-6 season last year, including a 63-7 loss to the Wylie East Raiders, the Pirates have now had one of their most abysmal starts in recent years. Wylie East is rolling in with a 3-1 record and a high-powered offense. Many die-hard fans are even speaking of the possibility of another demoralizing loss against East.

However, we look for the Pirates to win the upset of the season on Friday night.

The Pirates, now boiling with determination to break the losing streak, still have weapons that can take down their crosstown foes. Fans may be on the brink of giving up, but these boys still have a real chance at a playoff berth to redeem the previous season. The following three areas will make or break the Pirates on Friday night.

#1: Pirate offense vs. poor defense: Wylie East’s strength is in their Air Raid offense combined with the aspects of the one-back formation. With stocked talent in D’Quan Jones, Jabari Anderson, and other powerful figures, Wylie East has posted eye-popping stats in their first four games. However, the same cannot be said for their defense. A subpar, undersized squad of players makes up the squad, which has given up an average 30 points per game against both mediocre and elite offenses alike. This gives the Wylie Pirates an opportunity if they can minimize the mistakes. There will be no room for error, as this rivalry game will certainly ignite passion on both sidelines Friday night.

#2: Pressure the QB; lock up coverage: If the Pirate defense can force Garrett McCain into making lightning quick decisions, this will disrupt the pass timing that the Raiders strive for in their passing game, which can force mistakes and turnovers. The Wylie East Offensive line does not have size, similar to Wylie’s as well. The QB absolutely must not feel comfortable in the pocket, because he has the potential to pick the defense apart. The Raiders will likely resort to using the running game and Jabari Anderson if the pass game is hurt. But he can’t play every snap… at least not without depleting his energy.

#3 Desires to Win: After a grueling off-season, summer camp, and 0-4 start, who wouldn’t be absolutely bent on winning? If the Pirates can tap into their passion and fight for 48 minutes, they can do significant damage to the Raiders. The Raiders, once again 3-1, face an 0-4 team struggling just to stay healthy. A sense of cockiness may sabotage them, and if they so much as think about underestimating the Pirates, they could be in for a rude awakening.