Story Behind the Cake Maker

Annie Hall, the owner of Annie’s Culinary Creations in Murphy, started baking at a young age when she was given her first baking kit as a Christmas gift.

“I was in the eighth grade when I started playing around with baking,” Mrs. Hall said. “I was just able to bake, and I fell in love with it.”

Exhilarated by her new-found passion, Mrs. Hall set out to get more experience making cakes. She was hired to professionally cater a wedding the next year while she was a high school freshman.

“I knew that cooking was what I wanted to do, but I was intimidated to do it full-time, for a living,” Mrs. Hall said.

Throughout high school and college, Mrs. Hall continued to bake and experiment with different ingredients and flavors, but pursued a career in business as a safety net. Her financial career took off, and baking had to take a back seat. Cupcakes kept calling, though. As the stress of the US economic situation began to affect her industry and weigh more heavily on Mrs. Hall, she decided to quit the financial sector altogether and open her own bakery.

Initially Mrs. Hall planned on opening Annie’s in Allen, but found a commercial spot ready in Murphy. Annie’s Culinary Creations has been busy baking ever since.

“We don’t use commercial mixes and frostings. We make everything in-house,” Mrs. Hall said. “We also don’t freeze or refrigerate our cakes, so our products don’t last forever; they need to be eaten within three days.”

Her best sellers are traditional chocolate and snickerdoodle, but says that no flavor is impossible.

“Margarita and apple, maple bacon are the most exotic flavors we’ve made,” Mrs. Hall said. “If a customer wants it, we will make it.”

Looking back on her cooking journey, Mrs. Hall reflected, “I’m not doing it because I just want to be another bakery, I’m doing it because I want to be the best bakery.”