Students Qualify for Nationals at Wylie’s First Competition Entry at Thespian Convention

A group of Wylie High School Theater students went down to a statewide Thespian Convention in Houston for a weekend of fun, learning, and competitions. While they were there Katelyn Buchta and Marcus Miller competed with a musical duet and qualified for Nationals.

This convention was for Texas Thespians, a group of theater students who have worked at least 100 hours for theater and been initiated into this international club.  At this convention there were college auditions, competitions, workshops, and performances. Two students from Wylie High School, Katelyn Buchta and Marcus Miller, were competing with a duet musical performance. They had to sing, have choreography, and act all at the same time.  This is the first time Wylie High School has ever competed at the Thespian Convention on November 29th, 30th, and December 1st. Buchta and Miller practiced diligently before they left for convention

“We learned the song over the summer, learned some choreography and changed it the week of with Mr. Kelly,” Katelyn said.

The performed “The Song That Goes Like This” from the musical Spamelot. “We tried to find a Broadway musical that wasn’t as popular as Wicked or Guys and Dolls and we chose Spamelot because it was on that didn’t come to people’s minds right away. We wanted to do something different,” Marcus said.

On Friday the 30th they performed in front of judges and earned all superior ratings, the highest they could get. This advanced them to the next round and with their high ratings they also qualified for Nationals.

They were both extremely surprised and excited when they found out they’d qualified. “I literally jumped up and down. I told Mark [Fajardo] I wanted to hug him but I would just shake his hand because I know he doesn’t like hugs,” Katelyn said.

They earned those high ratings even though their stereo broke 30 minutes before the performances started. The plug wouldn’t stay in the back of the stereo and so the stereo had no power. They had to borrow a stereo from Cinco Ranch High School students, who ended up getting first place. Buchta and Miller went in, did the volume check when it was there turn to set up, and performed amazingly. They got all the judges to put their pens down and actually watch them, which didn’t happen for many of the other schools. When you can get the judges to stop critiquing you and enjoy the performance then you know you have done very well and accomplished something great.

“We really aren’t sure if we can go at this point to the international convention in Nebraska because it’s a money and timing issue since it’s in the summer,” Katelyn said. They are trying to raise the money now to get to the National Convention.

At the closing ceremony the Texas Thespian’s were giving out 30 $1,000 scholarships. Marcus Miller did so well in his college auditions there that he was one of the people who was selected for this honor.  All the Wylie students there stood up and let all of Texas hear how proud they were when his name was called.

“I didn’t know I’d entered! I was surprised I’m glad we stayed,” Marcus said. He found out later that when he auditioned for colleges they recommended the people they felt deserved the scholarship and they were picked from there. He can spend the money at whatever school he wants as long as it’s for his theater major.

The students also spread some AHMO by taking pictures and wearing Wylie High School shirts. They were asked many times what AHMO stood for. Those students let everyone know who Wylie was and what AHMO is. Marcus Miller and Katelyn Buchta represented Wylie well in its first competition at convention with both the national qualification and the scholarship Marcus earned.