Through Action and Kindness, Pirates Honor Lives Lost in CT

It’s been one week since the tragedy occurred in Newtown, CT, and people everywhere are still struggling with how a quiet, awkward 20 year-old could commit one of the worst mass shootings in US history.

Gun control, school security and mental health awareness are being discussed in every community and both national political parties are trying to establish new voices on these topics.

In Wylie, the community has collectively mourned, and at Wylie High School, the students and staff have united to show support.

On Wednesday, the Pirate family distributed green ribbons and wore green and white to honor the students and staff lost at Sandy Hook Elementary. By Thursday, Construction teacher Mr. Spillyards and Welding teacher Mr. Hickey collaborated to make 27 angels that symbolized each of the lives lost on December 14. Each of these angels was placed on the front lawn so that all traffic on FM544 could see and participate with the school in remembering each victim.

Today, Channel 11 News was on campus filming the student body while Principal Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Ratterree rang the bell 27 times to remember each life lost.