New Yogurt Shop Arrives with a Bang!

SweetFROG, the new yogurt hotspot located next to Albertsons on W FM 544, has been getting a lot of buzz. So because I’m a food addict, I decided to see what it was all about. The store is Christian-based. The word FROG actually stands for Fully Rely on God. The store, founded by Derek Cha and his wife, Annah Kim in 2009, was supported and built upon prayers, faith, and a lot of compassion. Cha had a vision and he made it happen. His vision was create a business within an unfriendly economy. So Cha grabbed his first opportunity in Richmond. From there the company has thrived with over 100 businesses on the east coast, as well as here in Texas.

Sweet frog condiments and suchWalking into the store, I immediately noticed how great the place smelled, as well as how organized everything was. The set-up was very modern, very appealing to any kind of customer–very bright and cheery and welcoming. But the one thing I came for was, of course, the yogurt. The cups, stacked in the back, were neatly organized in size. Compared to other yogurt shops, SweetFROG seemed to have a wider variety of cup size collections. Though, that could just be me. The one downside I found was there weren’t any waffle cups. Which is unfortunate; however the yogurt definitely made up for it.

Going down the line, I tried practically every flavor. I even tried Cappucino, which was an accident, by the way. I thought I’d picked the flavor next to it. And it actually wasn’t that bad. Anyway, as the flavors started piling up, my mouth literally started watering; I couldn’t wait to sink my spoon and shove it into my mouth. But first I had to add the toppings. I personally am not one to add a lot of stuff on top of my ice cream/yogurt. So I was very excited to see there was a stash of tropical mini gummy bears calling me to pile them on top my yogurt masterpiece. Once I was satisfied with everything I paid and couldn’t wait to chow down.

Sweet frog Yogurt

As soon as I got home, little by little, I  slowly took a bit out of the flavors and let them settle on my tongue. Each one had a distinguished taste and even when they mixed together, I could still easily tell which flavor was which. My favorite flavor out my choices was vanilla; it was very simple, yet absolutely delicious at the same time. And when mixed with the coconut, it tasted even better.

As you can see, SweetFROG is the place to go. The workers are friendly, the atmosphere in very welcoming and clean, and the yogurt was amazing. I genuinely enjoyed visiting them and will definitely making another trip back.