Student Profile: Kathy Hernandez

Kathy Hernandez, sophomore, is a busy, busy girl. Aside from being in Pre-AP Chemistry, French II, and Algebra II, her role as a Pacesetter keeps her always on the move.

Even though it’s her first year as Pacesetter, Hernandez has proven that she knows what she’s doing. She’s been selected to do numerous dances over the past year, and the number keeps growing. She’ll be dancing in four acts in this year’s Pacesetter Spring Show.

“Being a Pacesetter requires lots of energy, focus, passion for what you’re doing,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez aspires to be a doctor because she wants to help people and find the cure for hiccups and cancer.

“Dancing keeps me focused and it shows I have more discipline than I thought,” she said. “And I think being a dancer will help me with my future as a doctor because dancing involves lots of precision and focus on what moves to make next. As a doctor involves pretty much the same things… except you’re dealing with someone’s life. So I guess the similarities stop there.”

For future Pacesetters and anyone else who wants to fulfill their dreams, Hernandez gave them some helpful advice: Stay focused, smile and just have fun. Life is too short to take things ϋber serious. Just one smile goes a long way, and it just might change someone’s life.

In her free time, Kathy enjoys hanging out with her friends, laughing at inside jokes, making new friends, and most of all: being a pirate.