Pirate Battle Cry Hits Late Night

‘AHMO’  is headed to the David Letterman show this Friday.

Photo credit: Tom Dreesen

Photo credit: Tom Dreesen

Comedian Tom Dreesen will make an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” Friday night and will be talking about his connection to Wylie High School and is expected to even show footage of the school.

Dreesen’s connection to WHS goes back to 1977, when Coach Jerry Shaffer was piloting the Pirates through their state championship run.  Coach Shaffer was recently featured on an iPatch video titled “What is AHMO, Anyway?” which was meant as a way to explain “AHMO” to incoming freshmen.

In the video, Coach Shaffer talks about first hearing “AHMO” while watching the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast on television the weekend before an important playoff game.  A young comedian from Chicago used the word in a joke, Coach Shaffer picked up on it and used it as a battle cry during the playoffs that year.  The team went on to win the state championship using “AHMO” as their battle cry and the rest is history.

Tom Dreesen with Frank Sinatra

Photo credit: TomDreesen.com

That young Chicago comedian was Tom Dreesen.  The iPatch video revealed the connection between Dreesen and Wylie’s “AHMO” and soon, word got to Dreesen, who has a storied career in comedy including opening for Frank Sinatra for many years.

Dreesen had been unaware of WHS’ use of “AHMO” and of his place in WHS history.  The impact of his joke on Wylie over the years “is nothing short of amazing,” Dreesen said.  Dreesen, a Letterman regular, had already been booked to appear on the show but quickly changed the subject of his visit and decided to talk about WHS and AHMO.

The original AHMO video made by the iPatch team has taken off and has been downloaded and viewed in such far-flung places as Malaysia, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates.  Since the video was posted, it has been viewed more than 3500 times around the world.

“The Late Show with David Letterman” appears locally on Channel 11 and starts at 10:35pm.  Friday’s other scheduled guests include Dr. Phil McGraw.