Wylie North a Myth, Rezoning to Come

The land bought for Wylie North. This land is across from Seis Lagos.

The land bought for Wylie North. This land is across from Seis Lagos.

There have been many rumors around Wylie of a new high school being built and with it have come many anxious, younger students worried about not going to the same school as their older sibling, and a feeling of rivalry increasing for a school that doesn’t yet exist.

But this is all a myth. Although there were plans at one point to build a third high school there will not be another one built. In fact,  no plans are in place to build one.

“We bought that land when our community was growing at a much faster rate,” Superintendent Dr. Vinson said. “The community is not growing at such a rapid rate anymore and that school is no longer necessary.”

The land he’s referencing that has been bought, located on Highway 1378 across from Seis Lagos, doesn’t have any plans tied to it at all.

“Things can change,” Board of Trustees President Stacie Gooch said. “Finding land in our area that is large enough for a high school is not easy. We now have the land for any future construction needs.”

In the upcoming months Wylie ISD will have a demographer analyze Wylie’s growth and give an idea of where the community is headed. Right now the districts biggest concern regarding student size is the overflow at Draper.

“We are going to have a meeting soon and look at rezoning our elementary schools to provide relief to Draper now,” Dr. Vinson said. “When we do this, we are going to make sure all of the zoning for the high school stays the same. That is our goal.”

Although there have been rumors of a “Wylie North” and many stories of what it would be like, there are no plans to add a third high school to the district. The biggest change will be a rezoning for elementary schools to provide relief to Draper Intermediate. This means a slight change for intermediate and junior high schools as well. The zoning for the high schools will not change.