Teacher Profile: Michael Slaughter

imagejpeg_0_10edYou may have seen him standing in the hallways or high-fiving his students as they enter his class. Those of us who have been here for the past 2-4 years, may be wondering, who’s the new guy? Where did he come from? Well, his name is Michael Slaughter, and he’s a new addition to Wylie High’s Physics Department.

“I got the phone call from Mr. Alexander, back at the end of last year for an interview,” Slaughter said, “and was real excited because I’ve lived in Wylie for eight years. Plus, my kids go to Wylie schools, so it was an easy decision to teach in Wylie.”

Though he didn’t originally get his degrees in Science, Slaughter studied Christian Ministries and Communication Arts in college, where he also played soccer recreationally.

Slaughter’s fascination with soccer has shaped his classrooms when he sometimes goes off topic to tell his students about soccer stories from his past, or stories about watching and coaching his children’s soccer teams. Even though he quit playing when he was 14 (because his family moved around a lot), Slaughter has stayed active in the sport through his kids by not only coaching his 8-year-old son’s team, but by acting as secretary on the Wylie Soccer Association Board.

“I didn’t play in college, I didn’t go pros, but I get to be involved in a very good sport.” He said.

Aside from his fascination with soccer, Slaughter strives to be a good teacher. Growing up a Christian, his faith makes him want to be someone who brings honor to God by being a genuine by good person. After graduating college, Slaughter says he’s always seen himself as a teacher; whether that be in Sunday school or teaching public school physics, he keeps himself grounded in his faith and beliefs.

“My hope is that people will be able to see me and know something is different.” Slaughter said.

So whether he’s coaching his 8-year-old team of minions or giving high school students the true laws of physics, his motivation comes from his heart, and that’s what makes a true Pirate.