Don’t Go Numb Ranger Fans

Photo Credit: AP/Tim Sharp

Photo Credit: AP/Tim Sharp

As we walked back to our rooms in silence Monday night, I couldn’t help but feel heavy. Heavy in the heart, the head, and whatever part of the body is responsible for hope. For the 4th year in a row, Ranger fans have cheered, prayed, and hoped more earnestly than any other fan-base in sports, only to walk back to their rooms in silence at the end of it all, heavy-hearted.

I didn’t want to go numb. Hurting with my team, my family, and the millions of other solemn-faced fans was better somehow than going numb.

As I thought about this, it dawned on me that just a few years ago, non-bandwagon fans would have been ecstatic to come just this far. It also occurred to me that it took the Dallas Mavericks four years of choking to win a championship. We can’t be too far from it.

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From Game 1, to 163, the dream has always been there: to finally replace that “AL Champions” on every shirt, license plate, hat, and sticker with “World Champions”. The next time you flip your hat inside out, remember that dream. Keep cheering, baseball town. Keep hoping. Don’t give up next time Washington pulls the pitcher after a strikeout, because ‘There’s always next season’. We were close to winning that last game not so long ago, and we’ll be back.

The hot dogs will still be there next year, the overwhelmed ticket scanners will be at their posts, the announcers at their mics, and the players in their jerseys. The only question is: will you be in your seat? Any real fan knows this isn’t just a favorite past-time; It’s a way of life. Whether in the living room, or at the ballpark, memories are made, bonds are formed, and millions of lives are all connected by the love of the game. In the words of Brad Pitt as Billy Bean, “Now how can you not be romantic about baseball?”