Big Booty Burrito Beats the Teachers

Today the Pirate Cove Cafe had its ‘Big Booty Burrito Challenge’ that brought channels 4, 5, 11 and 33 back to Wylie High. Seven pounds of eggs, chorizo, potatoes, pancakes, bacon, beans and cheese filled five tortillas to make one giant burrito that was served to each contestant. The challenge was empty the plate in thirty minutes or less.

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The anticipation was high and the competition was filled with fire alarms, trash talking, and lots of water. Coach Wilkerson finished off the most while Coach Cleveland and Cantu stayed in until the last minute. In the end all of the competitors bit off more than they could chew.

The students cheered for their favorite or the one they’d placed bets on, and chants of “Alexander! Alexander!” mixed in with “Coach Frei! Coach Frei!”  At one point, Coach Frei stood up during the competition to check out how the others were doing, and sat down realizing he had at least five pounds left to go. Twenty minutes into the competition, the fire alarm was pulled. Students were forced to leave the building but the coaches and Mr. Alexander kept right on eating.

The cheers of the students was what kept the coaches going.

“I heard cheers of one more bite, one more bite. I was trying, but it just came to a point I couldn’t do anymore,” Coach Wilkerson said.

In the end, it was Coach Wilkerson who had finished the most on his plate, but still had some pancakes left.

“If I try again, it’s gonna be a while,” Coach Wilkerson said. “I need time to recover. That was a traumatic, but fun experience.”