Homecoming Nominees Announced

Wylie High School has announced their 2013 Homecoming Court Nominees. The winners will be announced at the homecoming game this Friday at half-time.

For the Freshman Class:

Destiny Durham           Connor Callahan

Kylee Shoup                   Wariabi Jitubah

Emma Westhora          Nicholaus Noguez

Kaylee White                 Easton Orr


For the Sophomore Class:

Allee Dana                    Evan Baileuy

Jada Dixon                   Ryan Beattie

Jonne-Marie Gerbig   John Hanifan

Cheyenne Pearce         Nathan Weisser


For the Junior Class:

Julianna Garza           Darius Carter

Jennifer Hiddink        Alen Dervisevic

Lea Maric                      Brett McMullin

Samantha Pecout        William Stephens


For the Senior Class:

Redete Bezabeh            Jarell Brown

Miriam Kalala             Gregory Hoffman

Jenny Saravia              Bengamin Kendama

Markia Tate                  Christian Salas


Good luck to all those nominated!