Haunted Houses: DFW’s Scariest Five

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Wylie Birmingham House

Do you like the thrilled of being scared out of your mind? Does the adrenaline make tingle? Do you think you’re brave enough to trek through the scariest haunted house in Dallas? If you answered yes to all three questions, here are the top five Haunted Houses in Dallas you should try.

1. The Strangling Brother’s Haunted Circus

The name pretty much speaks for itself. Located in Irving, it’s this ominous circus’ first time in Texas. Their high-tech production values are broadcasted in a bizarre abandoned circus maze filled with creepy-looking circus creatures around every corner.

Cost: $30

Date: Sept. 13th – Nov. 2nd

2. DOLLZ Haunted House

Toy dolls have taken over the subterranean floors of the West End Marketplace in Downtown Dallas. Brave souls courageous enough walk through the darkness will enter a world so horrifying and thrilling, you may have to face the shocking truth that you’re never as brave as you think.

Cost: $23.09 + tax

Date: Sept. 13 – Nov. 2nd

3. Zombie Manor

Located in Arlington, voodoo and dark magic drip between the cracks and wander the halls of Landrun Manor. Its dark history has created something so evil, so sinister, that all those who enter come out transformed into zombies. Fans of The Walking Dead will definitely enjoy this frightening Manor.

Cost: $17

Date: Sept. 13 – Nov. 2nd

4. The Dark Hour Haunted House

With a brand-new spot in Plano, The Dark Hour Complex includes three shows – Dominion of the Dead, Coven Manor, and Voodoo Vengeance — where all evil comes out to play in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility, decked out with large-scale sets and theatrical lightening set to scare.

Cost: $26

Date: Oct. 4th – Nov. 2nd

If you think you can handle these, try on number five… the scariest haunted house in Texas and one of the most thrilling and frightening in the country.

5. House of Torment

Awarded as one of the scariest, most thrilling haunted houses, Austin, Texas’ House of Torment is a well-orchestrated, three-themed haunted facility meant to frighten even the toughest scarers.

Cost: $24.99

Date: Sept. 13 – Nov. 9th