Wylie Football games through a Tuba player’s lens 2013

In nearly every band, the Tuba section is far from the boring, dorky marching band students they’re often made out to be. Tuba players, in Wylie High School’s band especially, dance, laugh, and enjoy every event more than any other instrument group as a whole. These pictures show how Tuba players have the best view in the stands (or bus) at every football game. Not only do they get an eagle eye’s view of the game itself, but also a peek at all behind-the-scenes action from fellow band members that director’s don’t always get to see.

IMG_0953 (2)

Tuba players Luis Avendano and Bryan Cortes laugh during the first game of the season.

Tyler Bradley on cymbals

Drum major, Tyler Bradley, holds cymbals for the drum line, a job normally reserved for younger, more inexperienced players.

Tuba players share music

Tuba players Katie Griggs and Michael Hernandez share music when the other can’t reach theirs in time to play.

Student sleeps on Tuba

Student, Anthony Lopez catches up on sleep during a football game on tubas.

Alex Bradley playing at sunset

Alex Bradley plays the Wylie fight song before the much anticipated Wylie-Wylie East football game

Trombone reflections

Students quickly warm up after arriving late to the game versus West Mesquite.

Danny Davis during National Anthem

One of the most patriotic band members, Danny Davis, looks on during the National Anthem in Denison.

Low brass goofing off

Several low brass members celebrate in their own fashion after hearing that several of their favorite teams advanced to the World Cup.

Looking out windows in south lake

Students in the Tuba and Euphonium sections watch the game versus Mansfield Summit from the bus. Students were not allowed to leave in fear of rain damage to instruments.

Anthony Lopez looks out window in South Lake
Anthony Lopez eagerly watches the game versus Mansfield Summit from his seat in the back of the bus during a band-only rain delay.
Homework in stands
As time-consuming as band is, students find time to do contraband homework in the stands while others play.
That Wylie drumline, who practice more than any other group, and the Tuba section often play hand in hand, providing a pulse for the rest of the band.
Sneaking doritos in stands
Tuba players have a perfect view of the behind-the-scenes actions of other sections. Hunger sets in towards the end of a play-off game versus South Oak Cliff.
Fans cheer
Because of their placement in the stands, Tubas get a feel for everything happening in the stadium, including the overall mood of the fans in the several sections next to them.
During play-off games, tuba players can count the several dozens of blankets of freezing band-members in front of them.
Holding Tuba up
Alex Bradley cheers during kick-off in Mesquite with a typical tuba signal unique to upper-classmen, recently opened to freshmen.