Wylie High School’s Prom Theme Set to Hunger Games

The students of Wylie High School will experience an entirely unique theme for their 2014 prom to be held on May 17. Featuring the world of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games, this year’s prom will offer a new set of activities and happenings within prom.

“The plan is to make it feel like you’re living in the capitol”, says sponsor, Tiffany Syfert. Unlike the large array of attire in years past, the idea for this event is to mimic the opulence and high-life of the capitol. “Prom is really just a big party and that’s what they do in the capitol all the time”, Syfert says. “We want it to feel as fun and as fancy as possible.”

South Fork ranch will be decorated as flamboyant and lavish as the capitol was described in the book. Along with the dancing, fondu tables, and other regular activities, forty-eight “tributes” (to be announced after spring break) from over forty organizations will be pitted against one another at the mercy of their peers. In addition to the prizes available to win at gaming tables that have been so popular in the past, bets can be placed in order to sponsor or sabotage the tributes.

“Our goal is to have the last two people of each gender left standing at the end of the night be crowned prom king and queen”, says Syfert. Though the first announcement of this year’s theme was met with many mixed reviews, all who come this May have been guaranteed a great time they will never forget.