Think College Thursday Night

Throughout this school year WISD has been encouraging students and their families to think about college. They are working hard to prepare students for college and know how to get there.

The WHS National Honor Society will be hosting a Think College Thursday night on April 10 from 6-8. The event will be set up like a convention with six 20 minute time slots available to attend a course. With over 40 classes available there is something for everyone to learn.

The sessions are divided up for parents, seniors, juniors, and underclassmen with focuses on what each grade needs to know at this time. NHS students, college students, WISD members, and other officials will be leading the sessions to prepare you for college.

To attend, fill out a registration form provided at so they know you’re coming. These sessions are all completely free. Also on this website you can find a list of all the classes available divided up by who it will most benefit as well as a blank schedule so you can plan your evening.

Classes range from dorm room management, getting scholarships, ways to talk to your college student while they’re away, completing the FAFSA, application completion, and programs available at the high school that may not be known about.

Make sure to register and come out on April 1oth from 6-8 for Wylie High School’s first annual Think College Thursday Night for all the information you could possibly want.