Starbucks vs. Shoemaker Coffee Review

Whether you’re a caffeine addict, a sugar fiend, or just love hanging out with friends, coffee shops see a variety of people come through their doors each morning. So make sure you know what coffee suits you best.


Starbucks and Shoemaker & Hardt are the two most prominent coffee stores in Wylie and each has a different feel to the store. But which is better? The Pegleg staff taste tested the top caramel drinks from each. The caramel latte from Shoemaker and Hardt versus the caramel latte from Starbucks.


Shoemakers coffee was smooth, sweet, and used high quality whipped cream. Starbucks’ drink was more roasted and grittier. We also tried the frozen hot chocolate from Shoemaker and the regular hot chocolate from Starbucks. Both drinks from both places tasted excellent, and it depends on what your preference is as to which would be best for you. The Pegleg Staff unanimously liked Shoemaker’s drink better. The smooth consistency, rich taste, and a drink that stayed warm for a long time made this the favorite.


So stop by and try them out!