Best Taco for Your Money

Many students are looking for the best meal for their money. The Pegleg staff recently decided to have a taste test between two tacos. The Supreme Crunch Taco from Taco Bell, and the beef hard taco from Taco Delite.

Looking at them, the Taco Delite one is bigger, even though it wasn’t a supreme or upgraded taco at all. It also had roughly three times more meat. Topped with lettuce and cheese the Taco Delite taco cost $1.39.

Side Delite inside

The smaller, Taco Bell Supreme taco had beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream and cost $1.89.

Side Bell inside

The Taco Delite taco was packed with flavor and a taste of freshness not comparable next to Taco Bell’s watery, day old tasting taco. The Taco Bell taco shell was not as fresh, tasty, or crisp as Taco Delite’s. Even though Taco Delite’s menu was more limited, the better flavor and cheaper cost made up for it without even needing to put a “supreme” option on their menu.

Bell inside taco

Delite inside taco

While Taco Delite may be a little further out of the way, the taste and food for your money is better.

Ruling: Taco Delite wins.